Selecting the right Soundbar for you

Selecting the right Soundbar for you

Whether you’re looking for gifts for music lovers, are a music enthusiast yourself or simply want to enhance the sound quality on your television, a soundbar can help reinvent your relationship with audio content.

Soundbars offer a flexible way to enjoy cinema-quality sound in your home, or experience every note and nuance of your favourite album. This is without them being obtrusive in the slightest. They can be neatly housed beneath or beside sofas for example, fitted to walls beneath television sets, on specially-designed stands or hidden out of sight, while still providing that immersive, impressively rich audio you desire.

Why Soundbars?

A high-quality soundbar is the perfect purchase for anybody looking to add true depth and sound excellence to their home. They can be great additions in living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens – all without disrupting the harmony of a room’s layout.

Movie fans and sports enthusiasts will also love the added level of quality a soundbar can bring, giving them a new level of immersion during their viewing experience.

At Powerbutton, our aim is to provide our customers with the best in home entertainment technology. We appreciate that different shoppers have different budgets and different requirements when it comes to shopping with us. So when selecting the best soundbar for you, we want to make it as easy as we can to guide you through what might be right for you.

If you’ve never previously owned a soundbar and not experienced the sonic advancement such an addition can bring to your home, you may not be willing to spend vast amounts on a new purchase. That’s why our range of soundbarscomes from a variety of manufacturers and covers a spectrum of price points.

Soundbars at great prices

You might not expect this, but you can get hold of a high-quality soundbar from Powerbutton for just over £100.

The Sony HTSF150 2.0 Soundbaris available for £115 at present, and comes with Bluetooth and an HDMI connection. This might be a small soundbar to look at, but the quality of the sound is hugely impressive.

If your budget extends to £150, the Panasonic SCHTB258EBK 2.1 Soundbarcould be right for you. Delivering crisp dialogue and a strong bass sound, this soundbar comes with 120W of audio power. Bluetooth also comes as standard, making it easy to stream music from your phone and tablet and to use as your TV soundbar.

We also stock excellent Panasonic soundbars for just under £180. You can get hold of the Panasonic SCHTB488 2.1 Soundbarand SCSB1 2.0 Soundbarfrom Powerbutton today. 

The Sony range of products available at Powerbutton covers the Sony HTCT290 2.1and Sony HTMT300 2.1 Compact Soundbar. Both come with powerful output and are easy to locate in various parts of your home to take advantage of the best audio quality wherever you are.

A purchase of this nature can really alter how you engage with audio and visual content, raising the bar and providing you with a complete sonic offering for less than £300.

At the higher end of our Soundbar range is the Sonos selection. Powerbutton is the leading UK stockist of this superb range of products that are designed for those who appreciate true quality. These items are a little more expensive but are worth every penny, as you’ll truly feel every inch of music, film and audio content.

The Sonos Beam Soundbar is a very popular option, allowing users to experience incredible sound and select what they want to hear using voice control. We are also offering a series of discounts on package deals with Flexson products vand Sonos soundbars. Flexson exclusively designs accessories for use with Sonos technology, so find a great addition to your home at Powerbutton.

The Sonos Beam is available for £399 at Powerbutton, while the Sonos Playbar Soundbar is its top of the range alternative. Available for £699, this soundbar is a truly elite offering.

Acting as a home theatre and streaming music speaker in one, the Sonos Playbar is sleek and stylish, while delivering the best audio quality imaginable. This item is for the true music or film fan, and will fundamentally reshape your relationship with these mediums.

Find your perfect buy

These soundbars are ideal for music enthusiasts and television fanatics alike, while they can also make great gifts for loved ones. So if this is the right purchase for you or anybody you know, be sure to browse through our full selection at Powerbutton and find the right buy for your needs.

You can take advantage of free delivery from Powerbutton on all items.

We also offer expert advice at Powerbutton, so if you want to ask our experts about any of our products, give us a call on 01275 848180.

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