New Sonos Speaker Bundles now available from Powerbutton

New Sonos Speaker Bundles now available from Powerbutton

Looking for the ultimate 5.1 home cinema experience?

At Powerbutton we are proud to launch our new range of Sonos home cinema speaker packages. Featuring the latest Arc soundbar with Dolby Atmos support, Powerbutton new speaker bundles give you the complete solution for the home. 

A popular choice is the Arc, Sub and 2x One Sl speaker bundle. With this system you'll be able to enjoy the voice functions of the Arc soundbar with it's built-in far field microphone array. The Arc features eight elliptical woofers and three silk-dome tweeters reside behind its grill, each driven by a discrete Class D amplifier. Two of the woofers are mounted on top to bounce height cues off your home theatres ceiling, and two are mounted on end caps to reflect sound off your walls. Matched with the very latest Sonos Sub (Gen:3) featuring the latest BLE chipset (for easier pairing) this in itself gives you an excellent front sound. However, to enjoy the best in 5.1 sound you also need the rears in the form of the Sonos One SL speakers. Featuring their own Class D amplifiers, this speakers are mains powered but gone are the days when there were speaker cables from the front of the room to the rear.

Utilising the latest Sonos S2 controller, you can set to have the rear speakers with varying levels of balance, so you can balance not only left to right but front to back also. The Sonos App gives independent bass and treble control you can tune to the system to your liking. Heard of Trueplay? With this clever tech, the Sonos App will utilising your smart device to acoustically tune the system to the room it is being used.

Want even more audio power for a larger room environment?

Check out our Arc, Sub and 2x Five speaker bundle. This takes the audio to the max with larger rear speakers which agin can be adjusted to your liking in terms of balance and levels. Combined with the power of the Arc and the Sub, you really will find this brings the ultimate home cinema system. 

Not wanting the rears?

For the 5.1 home system system we would advise to use the rears but if this isn't possible you could look at the Arc and Sub bundle. The Arc provides a very good spread of sound by bouncing the sound off the walls to give you an excellent effect. For those action scenes or for gaming, the Sub will provide the floor shaking effect to bring you into the realm.

Don't forget that Powerbutton is also a Flexson authorised dealer. This British brand manufactures a wide range of wall mounts, floor stands and desk stands to enhance the look of your speaker system. So if you are struggling to place the rear speakers in your new home cinema set-up, why not take a look at our range of accessories?

Need help of advice?

Please chat, email or call us on 01275 848180 for impartial and independent advice.

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